At the very core, Xytron electronically prints secure, confidential data on practically any media, in voluminous quantities, and at high speed. Our Computer Output Non-Impact Printing (CONIP) technology is the electronic printing of practically any document, using the latest high-speed, high definition magnetographic technology. We have the capacity to print over 90,000 page images per hour, which translates to greater cost-efficiency. We utilize many sizes (i.e. letter, A4, legal) and weights (e.g. 70-160 gsm) of paper, and can even accomodate the use of transparencies through the cold-fusing technology of our printers. For businesses that regularly produce large quantities of payment requests, using Xyton's printing service can cut days of delivery and drastically improve cash flow.

Mail handling

Our Mail Handling Center operates the finest automated mailing equipment that is capable of handling 15,000 envelopes per hour and accommodating up to four inserts per envelope. We also provide personalized envelopes with gum labels for direct mail. Folding, stuffing, labelling, and staging for distribution are all part of our outsourcing service.

Lettershop and Direct Mail Services

Xytron provides basic and advanced inserting and end-to-end direct mail service. With the basic inserting service, we take a company's printed documents, slip them into envelopes with machine-like precision, seal, and sort them by geographic area. The advanced inserting service utilizes computer-controlled inserting systems to take multiple page documents, trim and collate them before folding, and then selectively insert up to four different promotional materials. With the end-to-end direct mail service, we manage high quality databases supplied by our clients so that our printing, labelling, inserting, and delivery mechanisms achieve maximum efficiency for business. Xytron has forged special relationships with a number of delivery agencies, from regular mail to couriers, ensuring timely and expedient document receipts.