Xytron International's core business is the processing of information received from client companies and then ultimately delivering the information to their end customers. We provide an invaluable suite of outsourcing services aimed at cutting a company's operating expenses, reducing overhead costs, minimizing capital investment, and improving its cash flow. We are able to do so through our extensive and established expertise in the field of computer output management. We utilize a variety of technological tools and have the benefit of trained and qualified specialists at our helm. We have enjoyed continued growth and tremendous success because of our strong focus on providing exceptional service to our many customers. Our expertise has helped airline, financial and insurance companies and the nation's largest telecommunications company do better business by harnessing and implementing superior technology.

Everyday, we process, handle, and deliver data, in various forms or documents, to thousands of our client companies' end customers. We have designed unique sets of services for our clients conforming to their needs, requirements, and specifications. Together, we can explore possibilities to customize Xytron International's service options to meet your company's communications outsourcing needs.

Company Background

Founded in 1990, Xytron International, Inc. is a pioneer in providing computer output management through outsourcing in the Philippines. We began as a microfiche service bureau and introduced facilities management for Computer Output to Microfiche (COM) to bank customers in 1993. With this, we are able to provide onsite COM, Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD), and laser-printing services as a package to companies with a large computer output base. Our package included the equipment, software, personnel, and expertise to fully implement, operate, and maintain a successful multimedia computer output program with no capital outlay for the user. In 1995, Xytron commenced electronic printing services for voluminous printing requirements using out state-of-art print management software from Australia. In 1997, we added full mail automated handling services to our suite of outsourcing services. In 2014, we launched courier delivery in our services portfolio making Xytron a "One-Stop-Shop" Service Provider in the country. Presently, we provide our array of services to more than 15 happy customers in the credit cards industry, financial institutions, utility, and insurance companies.